Hello! – Again

Sometimes an idea hits you out of nowhere. Sometimes you just need to let something out, and sometimes there is just this overwhelming need to let your thoughts drift onto a blank slate.

I’ve done this before. Written. It made me feel free, like my words had a place to go. We all know how it goes, life gets chaotic and you no longer have time for what you actually wanted to do.

I’ve always had this drive, to create, to always be doing something. I had to, even though a lot of the times it wasn’t something consistent. I would post on instragram, make youtube videos, draw. Then one day I would stop. That’s what happened last time I tried this.

I can’t promise I will stay, but what I can promise is that it feels like I am full-filling something that has been missing from me for a while. I can promise you that I will try.

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