The Hustle.

Maybe I picked the wrong degree. Don’t give me wrong, it interests me, otherwise I wouldn’t have put 2.5 years into it and I wouldn’t be willing to put 1.5 years more into it. Yet, here I am.

So what would I mean by that very first sentence? That’s a good question. There is this aura, this environment, this millieu – if you will – that comes with studying Business that promotes “The Hustle”.

Maybe it’s gen-z, millennial (to be honest, I’m not really sure where I fall) or even “woke” of me, but isn’t that the most toxic type of atmosphere? It’s not the quest for The Hustle itself but what it tends to bring with it. It’s the mental tole it can take and the feeling that you are never really doing enough, there is always something you could be doing better, something more that would lead to something better. It’s the neverending rat race. You’re racing on a hamsterwheel, you’re moving but you’re never really going anywhere.

Is that a life of quality? Is that a life of substance? How much is your life worth outside of work? Because life and work are not meant to be one entity. Sometimes it just feels as though there is such an emphasis on your job and the title that you have and the status you have earned because of it, that you forget that. There will be a time when you have a rude awakening that you’re supposed to build something outside of work – diversify your portfolio, in business speak. If you put all your life and all your worth on your job you will eventually feel stuck or lost, I can promise you that.

And yes – this opinion might bring me a lot of backlash from my peers, because, yes The Hustle does give you a result. Many times it is what people have done in order to become “successful”, but I think it’s very much overstated. It’s not worth burning yourself out to the point where you no longer see happiness or joy in life. It’s not worth being so tired that you no longer feel that you can do things that make you happy. Trust me, there is more to life than The Hustle. And trust me, there are more ways than one to bring yourself to the exact place you ultimately want to be in.

Work to live, don’t live to work.

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