The illusion of prestige – The Menu

The Menu – a movie that I was recommended a couple of times before I actually sat down to watch it. Boy was it something.

Many times I’ve said that the movies that are realsed today feel so formulaic. There’s nothing truly special about them. Somehow, I feel as though that’s changing with the release of movies like The Menu and Knives out: Glass Onion, the latter of which stunned me with it’s cinematography.

The Menu offers a commentary on prestige, of being plastic, of playing a role that you give yourself but of which you don’t have the “right” to play. Putting commentary and feature movies is a tricky line to walk. You don’t want to be too much of a commentary because you will ultimately lose the audience and sometimes even the story itself. At the same time you don’t want to be too much of a feature, because you will eventually lose the commentary that you were meant to make. However, The Menu has found a way to walk that line without falling over on either side.

It’s a movies that is sureal in many ways and there’s a lot that the audience is meant to desiphere on their own, letting them gather the breadcrumbs as they watch.

The Menu is so wrongfully labeled a Horror movie. It’s a dark comedy, discussing this illusion which is so elegantly illustrated in a scene where one of the most pretentious food fanatics of all time is put to cook. Up until this point, the character had been boasting about his deep knowledge of the culinary art and all that it has to offer, putting himself on a pedistal in relation to the other guests of the restaurant. Yet, he cannot do it. Despite his high self regard, he just cannot do it.

It is hard to explain, especially when I do not want to spoil the movie in its context any further. All I can say is; do yourself a favor and watch it. I promise you, you’ll understand exactly what I mean

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