Comedians – laughs through Trauma.

I have been on this weird kick for the last year. Every time I see an autobiography, something in me urges me to buy it and read it. For some reason the bulk of these (to be honest probably all of these) have happen to be autobiographies of comedians. Quickly after finishing them, it dawned on me just how much trauma these people have gone through and how much they have leaned on their work to cope with the trauma that they have endured. I thought about Robin Williams, an actor who brought so much joy to so many people, but who lived with his own shadows. I slowly started reflecting and it went beyond these comedians I had learnt so much about.

How come the funniest people are the one who have suffered the most? Maybe it has to do with knowing how tough life can be, and trying to make it easier on other people. You know the pain, why would you spread it?

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