“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

John Lennon, what a man. What powerful words he once gave us. Many times in life this quote is something I have pondered over. Does it mean that life does not happen when I want it to? Does it mean that it does not happen in the way I want it to?

This past week has been a whirl wind. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong (I will leave the specifics of what it could have been to your imagination). However, it is through these things happening in the way that they have that has revived the thought of this very specific quote.

We have to learn to live not knowing what the next step is. We have to be prepared for everything; or if you are like me, you might see it as “not prepared for anything”. Life is not something that can be planned to every last detail but that’s an uncomfortable fact that we have to learn to live with. There is so little in this world that is 100% in our own hands. Yet, the rat race makes it seem as though life is carefully planned.

Personally, there has been so much unexpected that has happened, so much that I would not have thought would happen in my wildest dreams. No matter how much I did not see them coming, they came and suddenly you have to adjust the new circumstances. Maybe that’s why I have learnt to cope with just going with the flow and having very broad goals instead of specific ones.

Life will not always go the way you planned but it does not make it any less beautiful.

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