I miss High School…

Ha! Got you, you really thought I missed the most stressful time of my life for a second, didn’t you? Well it is partially true… There’s this sense of nostalgia thinking back to that time, although, in many ways it was the worst time of my life. But thankfully, in more times, it was a lesson, a time in my life to learn. A time in my life to start dipping my toes in the world where I have lived for the past 4 years after high school. The world of Adulthood.

Nevertheless, this was not supposed to be a post detailing the anxiety that came with High School or that unnecessarily high standards that I and the environment put on my fragile, little shoulders. No, not at all. This was supposed to be something else.

It was the mixture of one of my old, close friends visiting me and a talk I had with my Dad. I realized that I do miss High School. I miss a very specific part of it. I miss film class. Which might be something that some of my old classmates might raise an eyebrow to as I was constantly debating the teacher, but it was an environment when we were encuraged to make something, to be creative. Although there were a lot of flaws in the course, it was still something we needed to go through with. We had to produce something a couple times a month otherwise we would not have gotten our final grades and we would not have graduated.

I think it was good for me, having an assignment given to me and having to figure out what to do with it, with the (limited) resources we had. It was forcing that creativity and giving us a deadline. I loved it. I lived for that class, no matter the flaws, but it is because I loved the craft.

I am just that type of person that is not able to do all of it by myself because I get overwhelmed by it and no one is expecting it from me like our teacher used to. It just dawned on me how much I miss that feeling of being creative and just to do something, when my friend and I decided to hop on the Wes Anderson trend on TikTok. Obviously, it is not polished in anyway. There is a lot that can be improved by it but I felt it again. The joy of being creative. It felt like home.

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