The Quiet.

We’re constantly surrounded by sound, even when we’re not, we inflict it upon ourselves. Heck, I’m a grade A example, especially leaning towards being an introvert. It is so easy to just put your airpods in an forget everything, avoid everything. But the more time passes, the more I realize that it is just creating noise where there doesn’t need to be any.

We’ve grown more and more scared of the quiet, of being truly alone. How many times have you explained to friends and family that you turn a show on or a video on as background noise?

I realized this last week. I was constantly changing the music I was listening, the video I was watching, switching over to a podcast. I just wanted to get lost into something but I realized that it just piles on the stress I was feeling. It is avoiding the root of the problem. It inflicts more thoughts that do not need to be there.

I am by no means saying that you should never just escape into music or movies or podcasts, what I am saying is I feel as if we may have taken it just a smidge too far. I never see anyone walking alone without headphones, just listening to life happening around you. It is so much calmer than you could ever think. It grounds you in a way that is indescribable. Even when you are not even close to nature.

Especially if you are a bit of an anxious type or easily stressed out, like I am. It puts you back in the moment and your problems just disappear for a while, when you escape into the “quiet”. Because the funny thing about the “quiet” is that it is not silent.

Next time you are walking somewhere, try it and tell me what you thought about it.

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