When one door closes, another door opens.

Something that always manages to keep me in awe, that keeps me on the edge and always that bit more optimistic is how life pans out in very oddly specific ways. Many times I look back at my life and I see that there are so many things that have had to line up for me to be sitting here in my little room in Brussels. For me to be living the life I am living and for me to have had the experiences that I have.

There are so many small moments that have added together and made the situation of which I am living. The choice of taking a gap year instead of going off to study in Scotland which may have been the one life past that lead me to my surgery. The choice of working in the service industry during my gap year although I swore I would never do that, which lead me to my current job. The choice of choosing the rational path for now and to see if the creative one continues to haunt my aspirations., The choice of listening to that one person’s “Why not?” that made me ask myself the same thing. It lead me to the university I’m in and the path I chose. If these things would not have happened the way they have, I am 100% certain my life would look that much different.

By now, I think whoever you are reading this, might understand that I am what some people might call naïve, what others may call a hippie and what a third kind of person might call a dreamer. I stand by that. No matter what you do or do not believe in, there is no denying that if you would have just chosen differently just that one time, you know that your life would have ended up being the opposite of what it is today. I choose to believe that there is something there for everyone, some patch that’s lit for you. Maybe you might not see it, maybe it causes you pain and maybe, just maybe you might not understand it in the heat of it. It all makes sense in hindsight.

Maybe it doesn’t feel right for you right now, maybe you didn’t get exactly what you wanted right now. But guess what? That just means there is something so much better just around the corner waiting for you. When one door closes, another door opens…

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